ENI – Knott End Ferry Jetty Oil Spill Response

Location: Fleetwood, Lancashire

The Client: ENI

The Project

ENI got in contact with NRC Environmental Services UK to provide assistance and a quotation for provision of pressure washing services and removal of contaminated waste from the Knott-End Ferry Jetty following an incident that resulted in the release of crude oil the previous week on behalf of the Wyre Council.


Scope of Work

NRC received a request from ENI for mobilisation of resources to Knott-End-on-Sea and sent the following personnel and equipment:

  • 2 x Oil Spill Response Supervisor
  • 1 x Transit van loaded with:
    • Shore Gaudian Boom 100m
    • Water Pump
    • Generator
    • Vac unit
    • Power washer Bowser and heater
    • Sorbent material
    • PPE


Technical Challenge

Following an initial site survey, an area of jetty measuring approximately 500m2 was observed at low tide in the River Wyre which was then discovered to have been contaminated with oil.

A revised methodology was developed for cleaning the affected jetty and containing and recovering any remobilized oil using a pressure washer and vacuum unit rather than the initial method of pressure washing with containment of runoff using shore guardian booms and absorbent pads and booms.

The bulk removal of tar balls and oiled seaweed NRC completed on the first two days. Very little oiled debris was brought in on the high tides after this and the initial oil stain could be pressure washed away and the jetty cleaned.


Restrictions / Considerations

Clean up operations could only be conducted at each low tide.


Key Facts

  • Operations were completed on schedule and to the satisfaction of Wyre Council.
  • In addition to the above operations, NRC were requested by ENI to attend Blackpool Promenade and carry out at site survey of contaminated steps and ramps.
  • Continuous observations of the jetty with local small scale scrubbing or algicide application will keep the jetty clear and clean of oil.