European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) Equipment Assistance Services (EAS) North Sea Lot 1

Location: Aberdeenshire, UK

Client: European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA)

The Project

In 2015, the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) awarded NRC the Equipment Assistance Services (EAS) contract for the North Sea Basin. Since then we have managed delivery of the EAS North Sea Contract from our facility in Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire, UK, a 4.9-acre facility providing technical and emergency response support to our clients and operations around the world and to support the needs of operators in the North Sea.


Scope of Work

This ongoing project involves maintaining and storing EMSA’s equipment stockpile (including Current Busters, Speed Sweeps, Scan Trawl Systems and Dispersant) and ensuring its readiness for mobilisation 24/7 should an incident occur, or planned exercise take place requiring equipment or technical support personnel.

We regularly organize and conduct Equipment Condition Tests (ECTs) offsite along with dedicated training for operations personnel from the Requesting Parties, including Coastguard Agencies from other EU Member States.

In September 2017, NRC provided a Technical Advisor to the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) on behalf of EMSA to assist in offshore operations and the deployment of the Speed Sweep system as part of exercise SCOPE 2017.

NRC are responsible for all necessary outbound and reverse logistics activities including loading operations, road freight, ferry bookings, dangerous goods compliance and completing all necessary customs clearance procedures for export and importation of the containerised oil spill response equipment.

NRC work closely with EMSA, our nominated freight forwarders and representatives of various equipment manufacturers to identify potential shortfalls, equipment failings, learning points and to share good practice following maintenance activities, exercises or operational deployments.