Pipeline and drain inspection services

When it comes to unblocking drains, it is vital to know exactly what you’re dealing with. NRC offer a full CCTV drain survey service, allowing us to get up close and personal with the blockage and identify the best solution to remove it.


Our CCTV drain inspection services are:

  • Cost-effective: Identifying the blockage before attempting to remove it could potentially avoid damage to the pipes
  • Quick: Our specialist drain camera systems are remotely controlled for fast and easy access to your drains
  • Accurate: Using the latest technology, our CCTV surveys are the most accurate and efficient solution to unblocking drains


CCTV Inspections, Surveys, and Investigations

We deliver complete survey packages of underground assets including drains, sewers, boreholes, pipelines, ducts and other hard to access locations.

CCTV is the most cost-effective and least disruptive method of obtaining accurate information on pipeline conditions and underground structural networks. We carry out CCTV surveys on all types of assets such as sewers, water mains, gullies, culverts, process pipework, and much more. Using advanced radio locator equipment, we can quickly and accurately pinpoint surface areas to be excavated for pipeline repairs should there be no other viable alternative solutions available.

Surveys are invaluable in determining structural conditions as well as identifying and locating cross-connections, overflows, corrosion, and blockages. Where necessary, our fully trained confined space man-entry teams can deliver full surveys of larger structures, such as deep culverts and tunnels.

A full record of the survey, including live CCTV footage for each report is provided electronically in a format to suit the needs of our customers. For locations that are more awkward to access we can provide off-road facilities that are capable of carrying CCTV equipment allowing surveys to be carried out successfully even in the most remote locations.


Specialist equipment and staff

The CCTV fleet carry the latest IPEK systems with pan / tilt drain cameras and Wincan reporting facility. With a variety of mainline crawlers and pushrods cameras, we are able to survey lines from 80mm to 2000mm. All of our CCTV operators are trained to Sewer Specification Qualification D20 (versions 3 & 4) which is recognised around the world.

We routinely use CCTV inspection equipment on all planned maintenance management agreements.


Key features of our specialist equipment include:


Auto Levelling and Remote Height Adjustment

The remote height facility is useful when surveying where the water level it too high for a normal camera. A remote raise of the system enables our surveying to continue without delay.


Steerable CCTV

The unit itself will rotate on its own axis thanks to the independent drive mechanisms on each wheel. This enables corners to be surveyed with ease.


Integrated Detector Transmitter

This facility can be used when a GPS location is required. It increases accuracy for inspecting underground chambers and helps us identify dig and repair scenarios.


Investing in Technology

We are constantly investing in the latest cutting-edge CCTV drain survey equipment, to the continued demands of our clients.

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