High-specification precision cutting

NRC offer an effective drain clearing solution using the high-spec IBG Hydro Cut robot milling system which is powered via high-pressure water. This versatile unit has the capability to remove most drainage / sewer obstructions including grout, concrete and intruding connections.


Choose precision cutting to clear your drains and sewers:

  • We use robotic cutting equipment for the most technologically advanced drain clearing solutions
  • Precision cutting can be used to clear a drain blockage or to open up closed connections following drain relining
  • Our cutting equipment is strong enough to cut through concrete, cement and tree roots

Our equipment uses a diamond cutting head which means that our precision cutting unit can operate within a range from 100mm diameter pipe to an 800mm diameter pipe. It has a built-in camera that can locate and take out various obstructions such as severe roots, concrete, metal objects and most obstructions within sewers.


What can precision cutting be used for?

The unit is commonly used to re-open lateral connections post CIPP or patch lining works. Our precision cutting equipment can also be used to cut away drain blockages fast, avoiding the need for costly repairs and excavation. It’s a flexible and effective piece of equipment that ensures we continue to provide the best service possible.


State-of-the-art precision cutting equipment

The unit has a range of 100 to 800mm in diameter. With its own built-in CCTV camera and water tank, it’s a self-sufficient piece of kit suitable for many different applications.

Precision Cutting Case Studies

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