Our site maintenance services

We offer a comprehensive site cleansing service for factories, business parks, shopping precincts and areas of development. Day-to-day site maintenance, floor and drainage systems, interceptor emptying; whatever your needs, we can tailor a site maintenance package to suit you.


Our site maintenance services include:

  • Drainage solutions, including repairs, maintenance and emptying
  • Sweeping services, using mechanical hydrostatic sweepers
  • Drainage asset surveys
  • Topographical surveys

At NRC, we pride ourselves on providing a professional yet personal service. No two clients are the same, therefore our drainage, sewer and surveying solutions are tailored to your individual needs.


GPS Surveys

Global Positioning System or GPS enables the positioning of any point in a global framework through observations to a network of satellites. Normally a tool used in topographical surveys to control the results to the national grid. The high level of accuracy and speed of use of the GPS Total Station allows “real-time” surveying. When the system is mounted on one of our 4WD All-Terrain Vehicles our production levels are greatly increased.


Topographical surveys

For all Brownfield sites, we also offer a full topographical survey with comprehensive, detailed information formatted onto CAD. A topographical survey identifies all features on, above and below the surface of the land. This will create a “map” used in building design or construction. The land survey will include the existing buildings and structures, boundary details, a grid of levels, ground surfaces, tree positions, drainage details and service cover positions. Additional details can be included such as the features adjacent to the site or underground services.

Site Maintenance, GPS & Topographical Survey Case Studies

Site Maintenance, GPS & Topographical Survey Industry Experts