Drainage and sewer vacuumation

When it comes to waste collection, NRC offer a full vacuumation service which is second to none. This is ideal for emptying oil and water interceptors, grease traps and tanks, and our vacuum tankers will keep your drainage and sewer systems in top condition.


Our vacuumation services are suitable for:

  • Gulley sucking and drain / sewer cleaning
  • Septic tank emptying
  • Contamination removal
  • Waste collection: grease traps and interceptors
  • Removal of water after flooding
  • Pump station cleaning
  • Interceptor cleaning
  • Main drain cleaning
  • Soakaways

In addition, our all-terrain vehicles allow us to clean drainage in even the most inaccessible areas,
such as woodland, steep gradients and poor ground conditions.

NRC is a registered waste carrier under current waste regulations and all waste is removed in accordance with the latest legislation.


A fleet to be proud of

Our vacuum tankers are the envy of the industry with super advanced machines built to our own specification. These units are capable of vacuum up to 400cfm at large depths, so whatever the project you can rest assured we have the ability to deliver.


Responsible waste disposal

Once we have collected the waste material, we deliver it to a registered Waste Transfer Station for safe and responsible processing and disposal. Clients are provided with all the relevant documentation for each and every collection we carry out.

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