Internal and External Descaling/Coating Removal Using Water Jetting

To facilitate inspection, NRC provides the equipment required. This includes an extensive range of pumping equipment, specialist tooling, and water jetting equipment. We also deploy cleaning heads and submersible camera systems. And, this permits both the internal and external cleaning of caissons.

NRC engineers safe systems of work encompassing a range of specialist tooling. Water jetting techniques result in efficient and effective vertical descaling and coating removal from caissons.

Our techniques involve deploying our submersible camera systems and pumping equipment. This allows the identification of blockages and visual defects before and after the removal of internal contaminants.

The external cleaning of caissons and removal of marine growth can be achieved by using our engineered solutions, allowing remote circumferential cleaning.

Working together with other contractors, we routinely collaborate on caisson maintenance projects.

Key Features

  • Use in hazardous areas
  • Automated remotely operation Variable speed controls
  • Dewatering Pumping Solutions
  • Environmentally Sensitive
  • Turn key cleaning and Camera Inspection Package
  • Submersible Camera Systems


More Information

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