Specialist engineered tooling and accessories, augmented with the implementation of safe systems of work means that high pressure (HP) or ultra high pressure (UHP) water cutting can be safely used for a diverse range of applications including cleaning, cutting and coating removal/surface preparation.


Minimise Downtime with the Latest Water Jetting Technology

Experience tells us that the best way to obtain reliability and minimise downtime with all equipment is for us to supply our own.

NRC have invested heavily in the latest water jetting technology, tooling, accessories and ancillary equipment. This inventory is coupled with over 20 years experience working on projects in the Oil and Gas industry (offshore and onshore) in the UK and worldwide. This means prolonging the life and integrity of industrial assets (a rig for example) with no impact on operations. We’ve engineered the necessary safe systems of work into our procedures and our personnel are trained to the highest standard to provide our clients with safe, cost effective and responsible solutions.


Water Jet Cutting, Tank and Vessel Cleaning and Desludging

Water Jetting (commonly known as Ultra High Pressure (UHP) and High Pressure (HP) ) is increasingly used by industry as an efficient and effective technology for environmentally sensitive tank/vessel cleaning, descaling, coating removal and cold cutting operations.

Associated Services

  • Tank/Vessel desludging and cleaning
  • Vacuum transfer and pumping solutions
  • Industrial painting
  • Asbestos management and removal
  • Environmental waste management
  • HVAC/Duct management
  • NORM management


Safe Working in Hazardous Areas

Hydroblasting technology can be safely used for cold cutting steel, concrete and other composite materials, particularly in hazardous areas. It is dust free allowing other adjacent activities to continue, minimises waste stream, reduces clean-up time, is not weather dependant and when used in surface preparation operations is proficient at exposing the original profile without further erosion and guarantees the highest level of cleanliness amongst all surface preparation methods.

Ancillary vacuum equipment can be used in conjunction with water jetting technology to contain all washings and contaminants and once filtered, washings can be reused and contaminants disposed of as appropriate.


More Information

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