Bulk Carrier Grounding and Oil Spill

Location: Aleutian Islands, Alaska


On December 7, 2004 the crew of the M/V Selendang Ayu reported that they had lost power and were adrift off Unalaska Island, Alaska. Efforts to tow the vessel failed and it went aground and broke apart between Skan Bay and Spray Cape. Approximately 321,000 gallons of IFO 380 and 14,500 gallons of marine diesel were released into the environment.

NRC was initially asked to mobilize two Marco Class IC skimmers and four crews to help in the on water recovery efforts.



During the winter and early Spring NRC was utilized as a logistical support base to send response equipment and absorbent material from Seattle to Dutch Harbor. In the early spring NRC was asked to provide ten 20 foot work boats as well as our 28 foot landing craft and 11 vessel operators to provide the water taxi service from the berthing vessels to the beach each day. NRC spent the next four months shuttling personnel from the berthing vessels to the beach and delivering supplies and material to the local shoreline cleanup crew. During the 2005 and 2006 work seasons on Unalaska Island over 10,000 beach landings were made in an ocean surf environment without a single vessel or personnel injury.



The active phase of the cleanup was conducted over a two year period, after which the Unified Command determined that all the environmental public health and safety objectives had been achieved.