Single-Source Global Response Solution

Count on NRC as your single-source global provider for oil spill, High Hazard Emergency, environmental, industrial, firefighting, rescue, consultancy and training services anywhere around the world.

Our Global Response Services, delivered through our international network currently operating in 13 countries, provides a more effective and cost saving alternative to member-based co-operatives.

Our strategically positioned response equipment and aerial dispersants are ready to be deployed from our global Tier 1, 2, and 3 bases anytime, anywhere, by land, air or sea.

NRC’s experts and fully trained response technicians are ready to respond with everything they need including all of the required travel credentials. And because our plan is based entirely on your needs, costs are predictable, scalable, and significantly lower when compared to those of member-based services.

The Only Tier Three Global Coverage Solution Provider

Our U.S. National OSRO designation and strategically placed assets and independent contractors enable us to meet your spill requirements anywhere in the USA. International Tier 3 response bases are strategically placed in the USA, UK and UAE stocked with pre-identified HVLP, Shoreline and Offshore equipment ready to deploy to any global emergency including flyaway packages on scheduled or chartered aircraft, or sealift packages for less immediate response incidents.

Our HAZMAT Team can be airborne within hours wherever you may need them. Our Aerial dispersant program includes pre-positioned aircraft in France, Amsterdam, Florida, Louisiana and California along with dispersant stockpiles strategically located in Scotland, France, Dubai and the USA. At NRC, we are truly the world’s first and foremost Global Response Solution.

Experts and Assets Tailored to Your Needs

NRC will tailor a response program including all the expertise and specialized equipment necessary to meet your response need. Our global network of 1000+ experts, ready to respond 24/7/365, include On Scene Commanders, Incident Managers, Beach Masters and Aerial Surveillance Specialist. Trained responders and High Hazard Emergency technicians complete the team and work at the ground level to perform the necessary tasks of assessing, mitigating and remediating the issues, backed by logistical support teams that ensure the necessary equipment and personnel are deployed where needed.

NRC puts a diverse range of response resources to work for clients by moving personnel and equipment where and when needed. Our global resources include off-shore containment and recovery systems and aerial dispersant assets, as well as fortified resources to respond to shoreline or land based incidents. When an event occurs, NRC activates the closest resources. We can also cascade additional resources if required and serve as the central client contact, coordinating and deploying equipment and personnel where needed.

Global Industrial and HAZMAT Response Solutions

Already the largest provider of commercial environmental and industrial services, NRC is the only truly global, end-to-end spill and high hazard response solution provider. Our world renowned High Hazard Emergency response experts are highly trained and ready to respond anywhere you need them to manage any spill or incident involving compressed gasses, toxic chemicals, organics, biologics and WMD.

NRC will also provide custom high hazard response units, for use by our people or yours, in ports, rail yards, industrial facilities and airports. We can also provide customized expert training and design and fabricate equipment specific to your needs.

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