National Response Corporation (NRC) Announces New Tier 2 Oil Spill Response Base Servicing the Bay of Campeche Area, Mexico

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Great River, NY, December 21, 2016 — NRC announces the establishment of its strategic Tier 2 oil spill response base in the Bay of Campeche region of Mexico.  Driven by new shallow and deepwater drilling developments in Mexico, NRC’s robust Tier 2 base will support NRC Exploration and Production (E&P) clients now operating in Mexico’s Bay of Campeche.  NRC’s base is located in Paraíso, near the Port of Dos Bocas in the coastal state of Tabasco, Mexico.

Partnering with Marinsa Specialized Vessels, NRC has established its Tier 2 base as a shared services operation, providing an extensive array of equipment, stockpiled dispersant, dedicated expert personnel, incident management, consultancy and training, and call-out services.  Marinsa provides a range of support vessels including a large fleet of supply vessels, utility boats, crew boats, and pilot boats.

In addition to localized, in-country services, our Clients have access to an extensive array of additional NRC resources in the US Gulf of Mexico including over 1000 fully trained personnel, international Tier 3 response coverage including shoreline, offshore, and HVLP kits packaged on aircraft-ready pallets, and dedicated aircraft and additional dispersant stockpile as part of our Global Response Service (GRS) capabilities.

“Our strategically positioned response equipment and aerial dispersants are ready to support our E & P clients from our newest Tier 2 base in Campeche, Mexico” said NRC CEO Paul Taveira.  “NRC’s global response capabilities make us uniquely qualified to support the new drilling and production operations in Mexico.”

Through our international network of experienced experts and operating bases in 14 countries, NRC has a proven reputation for delivering cost-effective specialized environmental, industrial, and emergency response solutions, anywhere around the world, under the most difficult conditions, with the highest commitment to safety and compliance.


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Sales and Marketing Officer

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Issued by NRC on 12/21/2016