Viewing site inspection and equipment surveillance from a different vantage point.

As a beneficial complement to our full spectrum of industrial services, NRC provides an invaluable camera-inspection service (CCTV Surveys). This technology allows clients to perform close-up, maintenance-and-safety surveillance within industrial sites that are typically off-limits, extremely inaccessible, or dangerous to traverse. Using the latest generation of video technologies and sophisticated high-def surveillance devices, we provide clients with access to virtually every outlying facility installation, through the use of remote, robotic and submersible cameras, and closed-circuit monitoring. NRC is taking the difficulty and risk out of hard-to-access inspections, helping maintenance crews to pinpoint potential breakdowns and inadequacies at a glance.


Camera inspection and surveillance features include:

  • Fully Recorded Condition Reports
  • Integrated Inspection, Cleaning and Verification Service
  • High Definition Images
  • Submersible Camera Systems
  • Crawler and Tractor Units
  • Ex rated Systems for use in Hazardous Areas

Camera Inspection Case Studies

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